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How Zeet lifted their weekly Product Active Teams by 27% using Rengage

Transforming Customer Journey Management with Rengage at Zeet

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avatarAkram HassanApril 2, 2024

In the competitive landscape of CI/CD platforms, standing out requires not just superior technology but also an exceptional customer journey. Zeet, a CI/CD platform specialized in Kubernetes and Terraform, recognized the importance of implementing an efficient customer journey management program as a critical element in sustaining growth and improving customer satisfaction. This case study explores Zeet's challenges with their previous life cycle management solution, the implementation of the Rengage platform, and the significant impacts observed post-implementation.


Zeet offers a streamlined solution for managing Kubernetes and Terraform deployments, deploying directly to the customer cloud to enhance DevOps efficiency. Though Zeet had made its innovative product easy to adopt and buy, they had not yet implemented a customer activation & onboarding program and thought there was an opportunity for untapped growth. Their reliance on HubSpot for managing the customer activation journey was met with limitations, primarily due to the level of customer journey insights and AI that rengage provided out of the box.

The Challenge

Zeet's main challenge lay in the inability of HubSpot sequences to deliver a holistic, multi-channel campaign strategy essential for effective customer journey stages. This gap in capability affected their performance in onboarding, activation, and customer retention efforts, leading to the search for an integrated, efficient platform capable of managing complex customer journeys without necessitating a dedicated team.

Implementing Rengage: A Game-Changing Solution for Zeet Self Serve Experience

Zeet chose Rengage for its user-friendly moments and journey builder, which allowed for the immediate creation and management of lifecycle campaigns. Rengage not only facilitated communication with customers at precisely the right times but also introduced a straightforward method for tracking conversions, enabling Zeet to adjust their strategies to meet their objectives efficiently.

Journey Moments

Key Features of Rengage That Benefited Zeet:

  • Seamless Integration with Customer Data: Rengage seamlessly connected to Zeet's existing data on metabase making it a seamless integration as well as providing a solid foundation for personalized customer journeys.
  • Effortless Customer Segmentation: Rengage’s capabilities to segment customers based on their interactions and behavior enabled targeted and efficient marketing strategies.
  • Conversion Tracking: Rengage Insights allowed for more effective tracking of conversions, enabling Zeet to fine-tune their customer journeys for optimal outcomes.
  • Simplified Journey Management: The platform's intuitive interface and tools made it easier for Zeet to manage and adjust customer journeys without the need for extensive resources.


The implementation of Rengage yielded significant improvements in Zeet's customer journey management:

  • 27% Increase in Weekly Product Active Teams: This metric demonstrated a substantial improvement in customer engagement and product usage, indicating a more efficient onboarding and activation process.
  • 12.7% Increase in Weekly Successful Deployments: Observed eight weeks post-Rengage implementation, this increase underscored the platform's impact on enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Wrap Up

The integration of Rengage transformed Zeet's approach to customer journey management, driving notable improvements in customer engagement, operational efficiency, and overall success in deployments. By addressing the limitations of their previous system with Rengage’s comprehensive and user-friendly platform, Zeet significantly enhanced their ability to manage and optimize the customer journey, setting a new standard for customer experience in the CI/CD industry.