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11 Best Onesignal Alternatives To Help Enhance Your Customer Engagement

Seeking Onesignal alternatives? Check out this list of the best alternatives to help you improve your customer engagement and drive results.

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avatarAkram HassanMay 27, 2024

Are you looking for an alternative to Onesignal for Customer Lifecycle Management? Transitioning to a new platform can be overwhelming, but with our handy guide, you can make the switch easily and effectively. In addition to exploring the best Onesignal alternatives, we will help you understand the different features to look out for when choosing a new platform. So if you are ready to enhance your customer lifecycle management, keep reading!

What Is Onesignal & What Is It Used For?

What are Onesignal Alternatives

Onesignal is a customer messaging platform that helps businesses effectively engage with their customers across various channels. It started as a mobile game studio and then transitioned its focus to address a persistent pain point encountered by companies in app development: the need for effective push notification services.

Ease of Use vs. Complexity

Despite Onesignal’s popularity growth as a customer messaging platform, it still retains traces of its original approach, which is reflected in the complexities of its interface. Regular, non-coder users might find the platform somewhat challenging to navigate without prior programming knowledge or technical expertise, as it was originally created for developers.

Channel Integration

Even though OneSignal provides a comprehensive suite of engagement channels, including email marketing integration, in-app messaging, SMS campaign management, and live activities, most companies use it for only web and mobile push notifications, as these were their core business, and the other channels were developed later as add-ons.

Onesignal Pricing

Onesignal works under a subscriber-based model at a rate of $3 per 1000 subscribers. While this might seem cheap, you pay more as your subscribers grow. When you reach up to 50,000 subscribers, you will be paying over $150 per month. Hence, it might not be suitable for brands with many subscribers.

Best Features Of Onesignal

Using Features of Onesignal Alternatives

1. Multi-Channel communication

OneSignal supports mobile push, web push, in-app messaging, email, and SMS, ensuring comprehensive reach across various platforms. But it predominantly focuses on push notifications.

2. Robust analytics suite

Gain valuable insights into user behavior, campaign performance, and conversion metrics to measure success and refine engagement strategies.

3. Conversion tracking

Track user actions and conversions, enabling businesses to understand user engagement and campaign effectiveness.

4. Unlimited API access

OneSignal's API empowers users to send highly personalized messages at a large scale, facilitating impactful user engagement strategies.

5. Accessible freemium model

The freemium model makes OneSignal highly accessible, providing businesses an entry point to engage their users without cost barriers.

6. In-app message builder

OneSignal offers an intuitive in-app message builder and limited pre-built templates (modals, in-app carousels, and in-app surveys) for engaging user interactions.

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Why Consider Onesignal Alternatives?

Person considering Onesignal Alternatives

If you are considering seeking an alternative to OneSignal, one key point to remember is that not all companies have the resources or expertise to leverage the platform fully. While some digital marketers may be adept at navigating the complexities of a platform like OneSignal, others may find it challenging and impractical due to its extensive coding requirements. Thus, exploring alternative options can be crucial in finding a solution that aligns with your company's needs and preferences.

Seeking a suitable alternative to OneSignal doesn't mean abandoning the core principles of customer lifecycle management. On the contrary, several platforms are available that cater specifically to the needs of e-commerce marketers and offer a more user-friendly interface. These alternatives provide a comprehensive set of tools and features that make engaging with customers at every stage of their journey easier.

Here are some reasons why you might consider seeking an alternative to OneSignal:

1. User-Friendly Interface

Unlike OneSignal, alternative platforms offer a more intuitive and user-friendly interface that doesn't require extensive coding knowledge. This makes it easier for digital marketers to create and manage campaigns without additional professional assistance.

2. Ecommerce Focus

While OneSignal caters to developers and app-centric industries, alternative platforms are designed specifically for ecommerce marketers. This means these platforms are better equipped to handle the unique challenges and opportunities of managing customer lifecycles in an ecommerce setting.

3. Comprehensive Features

Alternative platforms offer a comprehensive suite of tools and features that cover every aspect of customer lifecycle management. From segmentation and targeting to automation and personalization, these platforms provide all the tools you need to engage with customers effectively.

4. Integration Capabilities

Alternative platforms are designed to integrate seamlessly with other tools and platforms you may already use. This makes it easier to create a cohesive marketing strategy that leverages data from multiple sources to deliver more effective campaigns.

5. Support and Training

Alternative platforms often provide dedicated customer support and training resources to help you get the most out of the platform. This can be invaluable for digital marketers new to customer lifecycle management or looking to expand their skills and knowledge.

Seeking an alternative to OneSignal can be a smart move for digital marketers looking for a more user-friendly and ecommerce-focused platform. By exploring the various alternatives available, you can find a solution that better aligns with your company's goals and objectives, allowing you to engage with customers more effectively at every stage of their journey.

11 Best Onesignal Alternatives To Help Enhance Your Customer Engagement

1. Rengage

Best Tools - Onesignal Alternatives

We provide a comprehensive solution for managing and enhancing customer journeys, delivering insights and measurable outcomes with no code. We accelerate your customer journey from onboarding, activation to conversion and churn. Enabling customers to unlock revenue from their existing user.

With Rengage, you can get insights into your segments, run campaigns with an intuitive journey manager, and get insights to measure how your journeys impact users conversion through our Journey Moments and Journey Builder features.

  • Journey Moments: insights into your micro-segments
  • Journey Builder: intuitive multi-channel marketing automation
  • Insights prediction and attribution.

2. Webpushr

Webpushr is a simple and easy-to-use CleverTap alternative. The dashboard is highly focused. So, Webpushr is perfect if you’re overwhelmed by the number of choices other push notification services offer. You get standard targeting, personalization features, and powerful integrations with WordPress and WooCommerce. Most campaigns require minimal coding experience and are fairly easy to launch even without experience with push notifications.

Webpushr gives you full access to all their features on all subscriptions, including their free tier. The only restriction is in how many subscribers you can have. The free plan supports up to 10,000 subscribers. So, if you’re just getting started with push notifications and you want to test things out, Webpushr’s an excellent CleverTap alternative.

3. PushAssist

PushAssist gives you an interface similar to Firebase or Google Analytics. So, if you have some experience with either software, PushAssist will fit in nicely with your marketing team. As with all other top-tier push notification tools you get segmentation tools, push notification scheduling tools, personalization options, support for the most popular browsers, and detailed analytics.

In some ways, it’s like PushEngage. You can also sign up as a publisher partner to show ads using push notifications and monetize your blog. PushAssist’s free plan gets you 3,000 subscribers and unlimited notifications.

4. PushEngage

PushEngage comes with cutting-edge features that allow you to customize push notifications. Some notable features offered by PushEngage are segmentation, notification styles, cart abandonment recovery, and personalization. The segmentation feature helps you categorize subscribers.

You can order them based on location, gender, age group, etc. When you use this feature, you can send targeted promotions. For example, if you need to promote a deal available only to a specific country, use segmentation to filter subscribers from that country and send them the notification.


PushEngage is a freemium tool. With the free plan, You can have up to 200 subscribers. The premium plan starts at $9 monthly and will remove all the restrictions.

5. Klaviyo

Klaviyo functions as comprehensive cross-channel marketing across push, emails, and SMS. Also provides seamless integration with Facebook and Instagram. Klaviyo allows you to send any number of messages without any volume limitations. This means you can send SMS campaigns of any size, whether a small targeted campaign or a large-scale promotional blast.

Klaviyo’s prices get progressively larger as you add new profiles to your contact list. You can't upgrade to non-free tiers if you have less than 250 contacts. And if you have more than 250 contacts at once time, you’ll be forced to upgrade to a paid plan.

6. Perfecty Push Notifications

Perfecty is one of the best and most easy-to-use self-hosted services. The plugin doesn’t have any hidden fees. Since you host all the data on your server, all the personal/customer details are secure. You will also have the feature to migrate your subscribers from OneSignal to Perfecty. Perfecty will also work well with most WordPress AMP plugins. While publishing a new blog post, you can automatically send the update as a notification. This will help you get some steady traffic to your newly published article. You can also send custom messages and send messages after post-publish. Perfecty is a free plugin. You can download it from the WordPress plugins repository.

7. VWO

The platform allows you to create a custom opt-in form for the subscribers. You can also personalize the notification by entering the name. If you run an online store, you can also show the products they have added to the cart.

Geo-targeting is another cool feature. When you run an event or another campaign for a specific country, you can use the feature to target that country. This way, you can reduce the notifications sent from the server and improve the campaign.


VMO is a freemium service. The premium plans start at $150 a month.

8. WonderPush

The main feature of WonderPush is that you can create as many projects as you like under your account. Therefore, if you manage multiple sites and need to add a push notifications feature to each one, use this feature. You can also add your team members to the account. While another department handles the push notifications, like the marketing team, the team management feature would be helpful.

WonderPush promises some of the best delivery rates in the market. This way, you can ensure all the campaigns will run smoothly and the subscribers will get all your messages on their devices.


WonderPush is a premium service. For every 1000 subscribers, they will charge you €1 a month.

9. PushAlert

If you are looking for a reliable push notification provider for your WordPress website or WooCommerce store, check out PushAlert. PushAlert won’t limit the messages you can send from the platform. Since the tool also supports HTTPS, you can send messages from your SSL-enabled website. Notifications can also be sent to mobile and desktop. Another notable feature of the platform is the drip. You can send a customized message once the subscriber joins your push notification list.

This will help you give the user a good experience. All the notification messages can be customized and matched with your brand. The timezone optimization feature is another notable feature of PushAlert. Based on your user’s timezone, you can deliver the notifications. This will help you with better open rates. Combining this feature with notification scheduling would be ideal for your business. It is one of the best OneSignal alternatives.


PushAlert is a freemium tool. The free plan can hold up to 3,000 subscribers. The premium plans start at $10 monthly and will unlock more powerful features.

10. iZooto

With the iZooto push notifications, you can get more returning visitors to your website. The main advantage of the platform is the user-friendly dashboard. Through the dashboard, you will know how many subscribers you have, which ones use mobile/desktop, and so on. You will also get an option to download the report as a CSV file from the same page. The targeting system provided by iZooto is also excellent.

With it, you can target subscribers based on their location or device type. You can check the reports tab to see how the campaigns are doing. This way, you can modify the campaigns to improve and optimize conversion rates.


iZooto is a freemium push notification tool. The free plan can be used on up to 10 websites. The premium plans start at $85 a month.

11. Truepush

Truepush has an easy-to-use user dashboard that will help everyone send messages based on custom rules. The tool also comes with specific features that will simplify the process. You can send, edit, or create custom campaigns through the beginner-friendly dashboard according to your needs. The RSS to push is a nice feature on blogs that publish content regularly. Using this feature, you can automate the push notification-sending feature. To reduce the server loads, you can use the grouping feature.

All the notifications in the queue will be moved to batches. This way, the server won’t feel any heavy load, and the process will run without issues. They have a monetization program to make extra money through the tool. The program will send relevant push notification ads to your subscribers. According to the interaction, you can make money. We will not recommend using the monetization feature if you represent a brand. In short, it is one of the best OneSignal alternatives.


Truepush is a freemium tool. You can store up to 30k push subscribers with the free plan. Their premium plans start at $29 a month.

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